A downloadable duck for Windows and Linux

Jorge the DuckWelcome to Falling In Ducks, the beloved duck battle royale where only Jorge can survive! This game was made for the Trijam 13 3-hour Game Jam hosted by Rocknight Studios.


The game is set in the aftermath of Acceptable Duck Simulator game. You're Jorge The Duck. You love to do things that acceptable ducks do. However, there has been a massive unacceptable duck invasion and ducks are starting to fall from the sky! Jorge is the only duck that will be able to save us from DUCKS. Will he survive?


Jorge the Duck

This is Jorge the Duck. Our savior and lord, born in Duckonia. Determined in saving all the acceptable ducks from the unacceptable duckpocalypse, he will try to fight his way through the thousands of unacceptable ducks!

Unacceptable Ducks

Your enemy. The unacceptable ducks do things that acceptable ducks don't do, like falling from the sky at a massive speed and moving in weird directions.

Controls and gameplay

This is a bullet hell game where your objective is to survive and get as much score as possible.

Move your mouse to control Jorge the Duck. Left click to shoot. Right click to fire a burst.

Every duck you hit gives you <multiplier> score. Every 20 ducks you hit, you are awarded 1 multiplier. Getting hit decreases your health and sets your multiplier to 1. You can use right click to fire a burst in multiple directions that penetrates all enemies. It gives 1 score per duck hit, but it will hit a massive amount of ducks! 

However, using bursts costs 1 multiplier, and can even set your multiplier to 0 so you don't score until you've hit 20 ducks (or get hit :) )!

Install instructions


Extract files and run Trijam13.exe.


Extract all files and run runner.


Windows (32-bit zip) 2 MB
Linux (32-bit binary) 2 MB


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